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Accounts and ownership

  • domains:,, registered through Hover to Elieux, same for and
  • Twitter: @msys2org registered to Lazka
  • Mastodon: registered to Lazka
  • GitHub: msys2 org with multiple owners, msys2-contrib org with multiple owners
  • SourceForge: msys2 project with admins Alexey, Elieux, Lazka
  • server: sponsored by JSDelivr, root access given to Elieux and Lazka
  • file backup server: Hetzner Storage Box, managed by Lazka
  • OpenCollective: msys2 project with Lazka and Elieux as admins
  • Discord:¬†¬†owned by Lazka, admins Lazka and Elieux
  • Matrix: with admin access through GitHub, as well as Lazka and Biswa96 via accounts
  • IRC: #msys2 registered on OFTC to Elieux, Alexey, #msys2 registered on Libera Chat to Elieux, #msys2 registered on Freenode to Elieux

Lazka and Elieux have each other's backup contact authorized to solve ownership issues.