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Accounts and Ownership

All the accounts and services which are associated with the MSYS2 project, including who has access and manages them.

  • domains:,, registered through Hover to Elieux, same for and
  • Twitter: @msys2org registered to Lazka
  • Mastodon: registered to Lazka
  • GitHub: msys2 org with multiple owners, msys2-contrib org with multiple owners
  • SourceForge: msys2 project with admins Alexey, Elieux, Lazka
  • server: sponsored by JSDelivr, root access given to Elieux and Lazka
  • file backup server: Hetzner Storage Box, managed by Lazka
  • OpenCollective: msys2 project with Lazka and Elieux as admins
  • Discord: owned by Lazka, admins Lazka and Elieux
  • Matrix: with admin access through GitHub, as well as Lazka and Biswa96 via accounts
  • IRC: #msys2 registered on OFTC to Elieux, Alexey, #msys2 registered on Libera Chat to Elieux, #msys2 registered on Freenode to Elieux

Lazka and Elieux have each other's backup contact authorized to solve ownership issues.

Some of the services cost money, we keep track of that here: